servicearea A Brief History

I started Mr. Pack Rat in 2004 with 29 years of prior pest control experience. I began my career in 1975 working for the nation's largest family-owned pest control company. A company with over 1,000 employees and 72 branch offices in eight states.

I served in many capacities over the years including:

 • Mechanic
 • Termite Technician
 • Residential Service Technician
 • Commercial Service Technician
 • Branch Manager - Casa Grande, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tempe/Scottsdale, Tucson
 • District Manager - Texas/New Mexico
 • Corporate Office - Special Projects
 • Corporate Office - Risk Manager
 • Corporate Office - Information Technology Director
 • Corporate Officer - Treasurer & Secretary
 • Corporate Officer - Vice President with direct oversight of:
 - All Accounting & Taxes
 - Human Resources & Payroll
 - Risk Management
 - Information Technology

I loved customer service and solving difficult pest problems, but was disappointed with the exterminating industry's over-reliance on pesticides and poisons to solve problems. I knew there was a better way. In 1997, with my wife, I started an alternative pest company, KSB Pest Prevention, focusing on prevention with minimal chemical application. The business was, by all accounts, very successful.

In 2001, I sold this business to the company I previously worked for with hopes of expanding our improved methods into the much larger organization. Unfortunately, my plans turned out to be overly idealistic. After three years, I knew I had to leave and create a company where I could maintain complete control on the methods and quality of service. Thus was born—Mr. Pack Rat.

Why Mr. Pack Rat?

 • My passions: I love customer service, the outdoors and the challenge of solving difficult problems. I am a naturalist at heart.

 • Need: Pack rats are a growing problem yet most companies treat the symptoms of the problem with ineffective and potentially dangerous techniques, ignoring the true underlying cause. There is a better way.

 • Specialized: To do the job right you have to specialize. Trying to be all things—a termite, weed, bee, bird, commercial and general pest control company dilutes the experience and focus needed to do the job right.

My goal is to provide a specific service better than anyone else. I have spent countless hours personally removing thousands of pack rat nests. I have researched the libraries and internet for everything written on pack rats and pack rat related parasites like kissing bugs. I have experimented, refined and perfected techniques and equipment to do the job safely, efficiently, and effectively.





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